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TBR 2018

The new year is approaching! And with it comes a wonderful opportunity to make those changes that you have been putting of for so long! For me that means putting together my to-be-read list for the next year. With all of the books I didn't get to in 2017, all the books coming out in… Continue reading TBR 2018

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Goodreads Reading Challenge – Updated

I figured I might as well post a follow-up-post to the Goodreads Reading Challenge post from earlier this year about my progress. Well... Let us just admit that I probably won't complete it. This is how it look now with only five days left. Realistically I will probably be able to finish maybe two books before… Continue reading Goodreads Reading Challenge – Updated


What’s in my pencil case?

I still have two weeks left of my summer vacation, but that doesn't stop my mind from turning into school-mode. So today I have packed my pencil-case, or cases, with all my school supplies. I do have plans to go back-to-school shopping, but there's not much left that I need. If you have not yet gone… Continue reading What’s in my pencil case?

Bookish Posts

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Every year Goodreads hosts a reading challenge. Every year I participate. And every year I fail. So what’s the point? Why do I keep joining? For those of you who don’t know, goodreads is a webside, kind of like facebook, but for books. And they host a yearly reading challenge where participants pledge the number… Continue reading Goodreads Reading Challenge

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My Top 5 Summer Activities

Currently sitting at home, enjoying the weather. Dreaming of all the things I wish to do this summer. Here is a list of my favorite summer activities. Go scuba-diving! Every year my family goes on vacation in Spain, and every time I go scuba-diving. As my dad is a certified diver, I went diving for… Continue reading My Top 5 Summer Activities


The Lifestyle Blogger Tag

Who doesn't love a quick tag here and there? It's a wonderful way of getting right to the point and asking the right questions! When did you start blogging, and what made you start? I used to have a blog when I was little, and I have always loved to write. I believe that's why… Continue reading The Lifestyle Blogger Tag