My top 5 inspirational Youtubers

We all find inspiration in youtubers, their stories and their way of life. Their videoes makes us feel like we are doing something with our life. They give us inspiration to make a changes, and (probably not) stick to them. Here are some of my favorites;

  1. Kalyn Nicholson
    She makes beauty, style and lifestyle videoes. My favorite are the “How To Adult 101” series, where she talks about the struggles she meets as an adult. She made one video some time ago that really struck home with me called I Feel Alone. I feel like we all need a video like this from time to time. With her bad humor and realistic point-of-view she inspires me to make great choices, without making me feel bad for not being perfect.
    PicMonkey Collage.jpg
  2. Fun For Louis
    Louis makes travel videos of him traveling all around the world, meeting people and gaining new experiences. He has even been, and made videos, in North Korea! His videos are feel-good, upbeat and always inspires me to go out and try something new or meet someone new.
    PicMonkey Collage 1.jpg
  3. Anna Akana
    She makes sketch-videos, but also videos about everything between heaven and earth. She’s all about grabbing opportunities and working hard for what you want. From her you can expect everything from comedy to real-time stories. Absolutely a channel that is worth following!
    PicMonkey Collage 2
  4. Jenna Moreci
    Jenna makes really funny but also quite informative videos about writing and being an author. She always explains her points in a way that seems totally do-able, and has some of the most over-dramatic facial expressions along the way.
    PicMonkey Collage 3.jpg
  5. Mariana’s Study Corner
    Mariana only makes videos related to studying, but as a “college student” (again, different school system) I find them to be an inspiration and a motivation to work towards what I wish to achieve in life. Mariana makes beautiful notes that I wish to recreate. With her aesthetically pleasing notes, she inspires me to pic up my schoolwork (or independent studies) and work on learning more, and more effectively.
    PicMonkey Collage 4.jpg

I hope this post gave you some inspiration, or at least provided you with the links you need to find inspiration. I wish you luck on your way to your dream life, and hope you will stop by again!

Emily x


4 thoughts on “My top 5 inspirational Youtubers”

  1. Mariana’s Study Corner – I know her! Her videos are very helpful! Very decent videos she produces! 😀 I need work on studying so she can definately help me 🙂


      1. OMGGGGGGG I have actually visited those channels too and watches their videos! Studyign is a great channel especially, the youtuber at that channel has a very calming and pleasant voice ❤


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