Studying: My Schedule

Seeing as studying is actually kind of a hobby of mine, I thought why not make a series out of it. In order for you to understand the way I study, you must first know my situation.

I am currently diagnosed with CFS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is a chronic illness that leaves me constantly tired and in pain, and sleep doesn’t help. I have a really mild case of it, and as I have been in a little activity\exercised a little all throughout my illness without it affecting me too much, I do go to school part-time and work a part-time job.
I have decided to divide this year in two, and take a few classes this year and the rest next year. Therefore I only have two courses this year, and have a total of seven 45-minute classes each week.

So naturally I have a lot of free-time at home and I cannot do activities that demand a lot of energy. Schoolwork has therefore become a hobby where I’ll sit down by the dining table and work through my textbooks at my own pace. This also leads to me being super prepared for classes and always ahead of the rest of my class. I always have a general understanding of the subject and I usually have already written down what I struggle to understand so I can ask my teacher in class.

With my illness I have bad days and good days. I only have school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, so those days I have to get up regardless of how bad I feel. On Tuesdays and Fridays however, it depends on my energy level that day. Usually my week looks something like this.

Uten navn.png

I try to do some studying right when I come home from class, as I am already awake and in the zone. The only two courses I take are called Communication and English, but most of my time is spent on Communication and preparing for next years classes. I already have the schoolbooks for next year, so I can work through those in advance to lighten the workload.

On days where I have a little more time in the morning I try to put in an hour of tea-time.  This is where I sit down with a cup of tea with my breakfast, listen to music and meditate about life. Sometimes I do yoga. Other times I clean my room. As long as I do something to give me a sense of peace and it makes me feel more level-headed, I am happy.

Every Thursday my boyfriend and my best mate stops by for some social time before we all head to work, as we are colleagues.
By Friday I have spent all my remaining energy and usually end up getting up for dinner, then watching a documentary or three before going back to bed.


I plan to make a proper study schedule for the summer, but for now all I want is to keep up the good work.
Do you have a study-schedule? If so, how does it look and do you manage to follow it?

Emily x 


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