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Book progress; The Hidden Oracle

Currently I’m reading the The Hidden Oracle from the Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan. I switch between listening to the audiobook and reading the physical book. When I continue reading this evening, I’ll be starting chapter 22.

So how do I feel so far? NOSTALGIC!
Its been around 2 years since I finished Blood of Olympus. Meanwhile I have read the first and started the second book of the Magnus Chase series, re-read the Percy Jackson series twice and read both Percy Jacksons Greek gods and Greek heroes. But I have not read anything related to Camp Jupiter. Both Percy Jacksons Greek gods and Greek heroes takes place after the battle of Manhattan, while the first Magnus Chase book takes place at the same time as The Trials of Apollo.

This books brings back so many great memories. I remember reading the first PJO book in 6 hours and immediately running to the bookstore to buy the second installment in the series.
I have started crying because of the nostalgia maybe four or five times already… Is that bad?


So far the story has been a little up and down. The beginning was quite slow, but my love for Percy gave me the strength to continue reading. When they finally arrived at camp, the story started picking up and I really got into the book.
I really like the Haikus as the “title” of the chapter!

However, both Apollos and Megs voice somehow annoy me senseless. Knowing Rick Riordans writing style, it is probably intentional and they will change, or maybe I’ll just get used to it. But anyhow… Apollo sounds slightly over-bratty, his voice is overdone. Even for his character, I feel like his voice is more self-centered, noisy and arrogant than it needs to be to get the point across. Megs voice is, to me, the voice of a little child not a 12 year old girl. I feel like she talks more like an 8 year old, and it really bothers me. She’s bratty, un-focused and simply childish. Her voice, as well, is overdone and exaggerated.
I am really looking forward to the two of them getting a reality check and hopefully grow into more tolerable characters.

Where do I think the story will go?
They are currently about to leave camp and head for the woods. I feel like the both of them will be put in their place by having to leave safety, have some interesting encounters and hopefully meet some well loved characters on their journey.


Now I’m going to get ready for bed and read a little before going to sleep because I really need my daily dose of Rick Riordan! Can’t wait!

Have you read The Hidden Oracle? If so, how did it compare, for you, to Rick Riordans previous works?

Emily x


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