Wrap-up & TBR

Reading Wrap Up: May 2017

In my last update I was reading Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan. However since then I have finished reading 5 books and started/continued reading 2. What? Yes. I love when I finally get out of reading slumps!

This year my Goodreads reading goal is 52 books. By the beginning of May I had read a total of 4(!) books. Now I have read 11!
This year started out okey, but then the great reading slump of 2017 happened and I did not read a single book from February to April. Luckily finishing Hotel Valhallas Guide to the Norse Worlds sparked that love back up, and I am now looking forward to picking up new books!


Since my last update I finished Trials of Apollo; The Hidden Oracle. It was amazing (with some flaws though)! I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads, and I will write a review shortly.

After finishing that book, I immediately picked up The Elite by Kiera Cass, which I finished 5 days later. I had read the Selection in the summer of 2016, so it took some time getting back into the story. Link to goodreads review HERE.

I gave the Elite 3 stars, and it left me with a longing to see how the story would end. So picking up The One by Kiera Cass was unavoidable. I did not go to bed before I had finished the entire book. 4 stars and a warm and fussy feeling in my stomach! Link to goodreads review HERE.

The morning after I picked up The Selection Stories by Kiera Cass, which has been sitting on my selves forever. I finished the book in two days, though I didn’t read for more than a total of 3 hours. No goodreads review here, but I gave it 4 stars.

Two days later the lack of America and Maxon in my life became unbearable and I picked up Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass and finished it by the end of the day. I haven’t written a review for this book either.


Then after a long time of only reading about America, Maxon and Aspen, I decided it was time to read something else. I have tried continuing on with Grey by E. L. James, but I keep having to put it down because of how bad it is at times. I guess Grey will be a long time project and that I’ll have to read a few books at once to keep me from going back into the reading slump.

So now I have picked up Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor, which has been sitting on my selves almost from its release date.. #SHAME
But it seems to be working and I hope to finish it by the end of next week!

So as you can see, this has been a very The Selection filled month and I am glad to finally be able to move quite a few books from my TBR-shelf over to my read-shelf!
June is the month of my birthday, so I have a feeling my TBR-shelf will be filled up again… Wish me luck!

Anyone else with a humongous TBR-pile that just keeps growing?

Emily x


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