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My Top 5 Tips For Capturing Vacation Memories

With summer rapidly closing in, and vacations being planned, I thought I should share with you my top 5 tips for capturing memories while on vacation.
This year my family and I will be traveling to Spain, as we have done many years in a row. Our family owns a flat there that we stay in, so we know the surrounding area very well.

  1. Bring your camera!
    This should not even have to be listed. Always bring a camera, whether it is a DSLR or just the camera on your phone, always have it handy!

    Big Ben in London. Captured by me who found the architecture absolutely stunning.
  2. Take candid pictures!
    I always find that I take the best pictures when the subject isn’t aware of me taking pictures! I like taking candid photos where the subject acts normal, and the photo isn’t staged.
    I do this by capturing ordinary actions like my parents laughing at a funny joke, my sister pointing at something she finds interesting or just taking pictures of our surroundings. This way I am left with pictures of how the entire trip FELT, and not just pretty smiles in front of a building, a statue or the horizon.

    Captured by my mother after I asked her to take pictures of me in action. From Spain.
  3. Pass your camera around!
    If you travel with someone, teach them to work your camera and let them take pictures as well. Looking back on pictures from a holiday only captured by me can feel one-sided and monotone. Letting my family borrow my camera gives me pictures from multiple perspectives, as we all find different things interesting and have our own style of photography.
    My mother has a love for staging photos of all the children in front of wherever we are that day. My sister loves taking close up pictures of signs and flowers, and its easy to recognize pictures taken by her because they are all taken from bellow and up as she is the shortest of us. My brother takes pictures of everything and anything. On our vacation in California, he was the only one who took pictures of the golden fire hydrants in Hollywood.
    I however love capturing my family in action. My pictures are easily recognizable because they usually contain a family member in action. Whether the action is eating, running, pointing or talking, I do not care. I just want to be able to look back and see what we felt, and not what we did.

    Captured by my father who has always found the police and guards around London intriguing. From London.
  4. Keep a journal!
    While on vacation we are usually really busy and constantly running around sightseeing. Therefore it is often hard to remember where you were and what you did. I often end my day with writing down what we did that day, how I felt and anything that I found particularly interesting.The journal doesn’t have to be just writing either. You can keep tickets from places you’ve visited, a piece of the wrapping from your favorite candy only available in that area or printed out pictures. Glue them all in a journal and viola! you can now see your day instead of reading it.

    I usually combine the two. I write on one side and glue in lots of memories on the other. Sometimes I write beside it what it is that I glued in, sometimes the thing speaks for itself.

    My absolute favorite dish! Called Pil-Pil. From Spain.
  5. Slow down and enjoy the moment!
    This is something I have to work on. My family and I have a tendency to over-plan our vacation and not spend time enjoying the experience. It is really hard enjoying a walk on the beach if all you can think about is when the next bus comes so you can reach that museum before it closes.
    It is important to slow down and make time for just being on vacation, lounging by the pool, sleeping in or wandering through beautiful streets. After all, it’s easy to write a calendar entry of what you did, but much harder to capture how you felt.
Captured by me. A peaceful atmosphere in the park. Unknown couple. From London.

I hope this post gave you some new ideas as to how you can memorialize your vacation. These tips are all from my personal experience.
Do you have any other tips for capturing memories? If so, leave them down below!

Emily x


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