My Wishlist

With my birthday coming up my friends and family are constantly asking about what I wish for, and I never seem to have an answer. I always tell them to give me money, because then I can save up for more expensive items. But what do I do when I have got a lot of money? I forget what I am saving up to, and spend the money on food instead.

So this post is a reminder to myself to remember all those things I wish for, and,  to save my money for something I really want.

  1. Canon 750D
    I have had my Canon 1100D camera for a long time, and I really feel the need to upgrade. I want a camera that has auto-focus during video, and I just generally want to do more. As I am interested in photography, I feel the need to constantly evolve. To get better. And I feel like I have exhausted the 1100D and I want to move on.
  2. Computer upgrade
    I have built my own desktop computer, for those of you who don’t know it. I was fine with the specs for a long time, but now I feel like I need more. I want to play games on a higher resolution, render videofiles faster and I definitely need more storage! Unfortunately, upgrading a computer is expensive.
  3. Books, all of the books!
    Does this even need an explanation? June will be filled with new books, but I still need more!
    If I am unsure of whether or not I’ll enjoy a series, I try to borrow it from the library. Unfortunately, reading in a foreign language brings many difficulties. I will make a post about this later.REDIMG_7308
  4. Savings
    Some people just struggle really hard with saving money, and I regret to admit that I am one of them. Saving is just not my thing. Unfortunately saving up money is a must for anyone who wants to buy a car or a flat at some point, so this has to be one of my goals to be better at.
  5. Travels
    Like many other teenagers and young-adults these days, I want to travel. One look at my bucket list will tell you. Traveling is expensive, but luckily my health has decided that I will not travel for quite some time so I don’t have to worry about this just yet. #POSITIVITYREDIMG_6728

Do you have a wishlist? Would you want to see my books-to-buy list? Leave a comment!

Emily x


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