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My Top 5 Summer Activities

Currently sitting at home, enjoying the weather. Dreaming of all the things I wish to do this summer. Here is a list of my favorite summer activities.

  1. Go scuba-diving!
    Every year my family goes on vacation in Spain, and every time I go scuba-diving. As my dad is a certified diver, I went diving for first time at the age of 13. Now I am 19 years old and a certified diver myself, YEY!

    Diving allows you to spend time in a whole new world. I love being under water and just exploring, watching the fish swim or enjoying all the beautiful colors. Underwater time slows down. All you hear is the sound of your own breathing and maybe a boat far of in the distance. It takes away all of the everyday-stress and allows me to exit the water with a whole new sense of peace.

  2. Reading!
    Summer, to me, means staying up late and sitting on the terrace reading. Bring out a blanket or two, something to drink and you are ready to enjoy the peace and quiet of not having to get up to go to work tomorrow morning.
    This is also a great opportunity for some wonderful conversations.

    Uten navn
    Screenshot of my personal instagram-account.
  3. Have a movie-marathon!
    Is the weather is not on your side, how about inviting your friends over for a movie-marathon? Re-watch Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, the Star-Wars saga, or if you’re feeling ambitious: the entire Harry Potter series in one sitting.
  4. Go to the beach!
    Gather up a few friends, pack a bag with some essentials and head on over to the nearest beach. I’ve done this with my group of friends at multiple occasions and it really feels like heaven. Bring a grill, some food and drink, a few blankets, a speaker or a guitar of anyone knows how to play and stay the evening. Alternatively (if allowed) you can also bring a tent and stay the night like we did.
  5. Have a game night!
    Summer is all about spending time with friends and doing all those things you want to do, but put of because of stress, time and other responsibilities. To me having a game-night with some of my closest friends is exactly that.

    When arranging a game night, I ask my friends to bring some snacks, and I bring lots of different things to drink. Then maybe we make dinner together, or just order pizza.
    After our stomachs is satisfied we bring out the games. If the weather is good we play outdoor-games like bocce or kubb.
    If it’s cold, windy or maybe just to many bugs, we stay in and play card-games, board-games or something just to spend time with eachother.

    Me and my family visited Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden last week.

    Have you done any of these things with your friends? Or are you planning to?

    Emily x


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