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Reading On Vacation

Currently, I am sitting on the terrace of an apartment in the south of Spain. The last two weeks have been spent either sightseeing, diving or reading. So far I have finished 4 books during this stay.
I thought I might as well take a break from reading and update you on my tips for reading while I am away from home.

Since we always travel here by plane, I have to be conscious of the weight of the books I want to bring and the space they take up. I always travel with my books in my carry-on backpack, that way I limit myself to only bring as many books as I can carry.
I know that I read between 4 and 6 books during a two week stay, so I usually try to pack 5 books. I make sure to bring the book I am currently reading, as well as 5 others from different genres. Currently I have with me Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor, Trials of Apollo; The Dark Prophecy, The Heir, The Crown, Lady Midnight and Lord Of Shadows. I decided to pack 6 books this year, because two of them are really short and I’ll probably finish them both in the same day.

IMG_8077 (2).JPG

Because I have learned from my previous mistakes, I also bring two audiobooks, as they weigh nothing and are easy to bring wherever we may go. Long car-rides and physical books may not always be compatible, but audiobooks do not make me car-sick at all!
This year I have brought City of Heavenly Fire and Divergent. The first one to make sure that I remember where we left of, so I don’t get confused when I start Lady Midnight. And the second one just in case I need something were I don’t feel obligated to read the rest of the series (because they suck).

IMG_8079 (2).JPG

Reading while on vacation can be really dangerous. A good book can often lead to bad sunburns, so make sure to put on sunscreen! My back is so badly burned from reading in the sun that I have to sleep on my side or stomach. Ouch. Don’t make the same mistake! Safety first, people!

Otherwise, my only suggestion is to bring a book everywhere, and to make sure that you have a look around from time to time so you don’t miss everything that is going on around you while you read.

What are your tips for reading on vacation? Do you bring physical books, e-books or audiobooks? Or maybe a mixture of them all? Let me know down below!

Emily x


1 thought on “Reading On Vacation”

  1. Hi,
    Ouch about the sunburn… hope it heals soon! That’s a great idea to put your books in your carry on and bring two non physical books just in case. I love the versions you have off those books!
    Last time I went on vacation, I just brought my tablet because it was my first time flying, brought just enough clothing to fit in my carry on and alas not much room for books. I did drag my boyfriend to every bookstore in the airport mall but managed to resist adding to my already too full carry on.
    When I go on vacation though I typically bring a few physical copies (usually soft cover) and have my e-reader loaded up with books as well as a couple of back up audio books. I can never predict if I’ll have the time to read much and what format I’ll crave so that way I have a book just in case.
    Hopefully my next vacation… whenever that is…. I’ll be able to read every book I plan to!

    Have a wonderful rest of your vacation and happy reading.


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