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Summer is the time of the year when I get most of my reading done. With reading on vacation, a lot of freetime and late nights there’s plenty of time to read! Here are some of my favorite summer reads!

The Selection Series – Kiera Cass
With lots of light hearted romance, only a tiny bit of political drama and a bunch of girls competing to become the princess, this is a great summer read for young girls. It is fast-paced so you’ll be able to finish a book in a day. There are three books (that are worth reading) and three more that you can read if you crave more, just don’t have to high expectations for the last three (Happily Ever After, The Heir and The Crown.
I gave the original trilogy (The Selection, The Elite and The One) to my little sister (14) for her birthday. She’s not been much of a reader, but this vacation she has read them all back-to-back and constantly been running to me with excitement, anger or shock over something that has happened. It is wonderful seeing her this excited about books! Absolutely a recommended summer read for all the young girls out there!

IMG_8080 (2).JPG

Anna And The French Kiss Companion Novels – Stephanie Perkins
There are three books in this “series”. All of them are freestanding and can be read in any order. The characters are not the same, but there are some connections between the novels..! The novels are called Anna And The French Kiss, Lola And The Boy Next Door and Isla And The Happily Ever After. Just from the titles we can deduce that they are romance novels, and from the trillion reviews out there we know that they are cutesy and light. Perfect for summer!

If you are like me however, and prefer more not romance, fantasy-ish or humor based novels in the summer, here are some recommendations:

The Trials Of Apollo Series – Rick Riordan
This series builds on the events from the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes Of Olympus series, so you will unfortunately have to read them all before you start this series. However, it is absolutely worth it! With both a lot of humor, a few dark themes and a bunch of characters from Greek and Roman mythology as well as history, this series puts a new spin on characters and people you thought you knew! I absolutely love Rick Riordans spin on the God Apollo being sent down to earth!
A fun, yet not to heavy fantasy-ish read for the summer!

The Maze Runner Series – James Dashner
This is a series with very mixed reviews. I read it last summer and loved it, but many of my friends didn’t even finish the first book. I found the first book to be the most boring of them all, mostly because I had already watched the movie. However, the changes that were made in the adaptation are so massive that I suggest you read the book as well. If you are able to fight through the first one, I promise the series gets better!
With some action, some gore-ish and a few heart wrenching moments, this is an exciting series that is both fast-paced and easy to read. Finished in two-three days. There are also two prequels, The Kill Order and The Fever Code. The Kill Order was a massive disappointment for me, so skip it. But if you would like to know more about what happened before the Maze and get to know Thomas backstory you should read The Fever Code!


The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
This stand alone was released in February and if you have not read it yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? This book has been everywhere this summer!
The story is about a girl called Starr Carter, who is the only witness to a police-shooting that took the life of her best friend.
With a current and frankly quite dark theme, this book is a must read for anyone, whether this is your genre or not. We all need to broaden our perspective and explore the diversity this story contains.

And if all else fails, re-read an old favorite!
Nothing beats going back to visit your old friends in a much loved favorite. You already know the world, the story and the characters, so just lean back and enjoy the journey and all the small plot points you’ve never noticed before.

What are your favorite summer reads? Do you prefer contemporary or another genre? Comment down below!

Emily x


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