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What’s in my necessities bag?

First of all, what is a necessities bag? Well it is a tiny make-up bag for example, that you keep in your purse at all times. This bag contains all the stuff that ends up floating around in the bottom of your bag, the stuff that you have multiples of in every bag you own and the stuff you never have when you need it. The necessities bag is here to make life easier! Changing bags will never be as much of a struggle again, believe me!
I basically never leave my house without my necessities bag. I put it in my school bag, in my work backpack or in my purse. It is small enough to fit in most of my bags, and still contain everything I could possibly need. Here is what I keep in mine!

PicMonkey Image1.jpg

  1. My bag a complete and (for me) an absolutely necessary mess.
  2. A compact mirror and a compact hairbrush is always handy!
  3. They don’t take up too much space either.
  4. An energy-bar for those long schooldays or when there is no food nearby and you’re dying of hunger.
  5. A nail-file for filing down that broken nail that gets caught on everything!
  6. A pen, for all those times when you need to write something down and your phone is dead.
  7. Hair ties. For putting up your hair when it gets too annoying.
  8. Back-pieces for earrings and a hairpin. You never know when you might need one, and it is always a must have in trying to prevent disasters. There is nothing worse than losing your favorite earring.
  9. A pocket-sized shoehorn for us lazy converse-wearers who just tie our shoes once.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

  1. A sunscreen stick, a lip balm and a lip balm with color. A must have. At least for me. Though the sunscreen stick is usually removed when I am not out traveling.
  2. Hand moisturizer and anti-bac. Again, no explanation needed.
  3. A water-tight box of plasters and blister plasters. I somehow always need this.
  4. My bellowed dressing box filled with my medicine and painkillers. I usually find myself in need of this at least every other day.
  5. Another water-tight box of plasters and this time painkillers. A backup never seems to hurt. And I do have space for it.
  6. Anti-bac wipes because it comes in handy when you’ve got some disgusting substance on your hands and you’d rather wipe it of than wipe it all over.
  7. Pads and tampons in different sizes. Because it is always handy to be able to help another woman in need, as well as yourself. And the smallest tampons can be used to stop a nose-bleed. Believe me, it has happened.
  8. Tissues. Because tissues. That’s why.
  9. My insurance card and a card from my optic which has my “measurements” on it so I can get new contacts or glasses in an emergency.


I usually also carry a spare pair of contacts. And I have a scissor and a USB flash drive on my key-chain.




I do not bring air-plugs and a charger at all times, but if I know I’ll be going somewhere for a long time or in an environment that is somewhat noisy, I make sure to bring them. If my power bank is charged I’ll bring that too, if I feel like I might need it.

So these are a few of the items that I carry around with me in my necessities bag. Do you have a bag like this, do you not need it or are your stuff just floating around in your purse etc? What would you put in your necessities bag?
Emily x


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