What’s in my pencil case?

I still have two weeks left of my summer vacation, but that doesn’t stop my mind from turning into school-mode. So today I have packed my pencil-case, or cases, with all my school supplies. I do have plans to go back-to-school shopping, but there’s not much left that I need. If you have not yet gone into school-mode, lucky you!

So here’s what I keep in my pencil cases. Yes, I do have four of them.

In the blue one I keep my most used supplies. All my pens, highlighters and a scissor goes in that one.

The red one contains all my coloring utensils. Sharpies, coloring pens and pencils all belong here.

Green contains my post-its as well as a flash-drive. I always carry a bunch of different post-its for different uses.

Whiteout, glue and pencil sharpener, if needed, goes in the black one. This is also where I’d keep my calculator and other math-supplies if I was taking maths.


And it all fits snugly into my bag. With this “set-up” I always have everything I might need. Your needs might be different from mine, but as I am learning to be a children and youth worker things like coloring is a natural part of my education.

I hope seeing what I carry might give you some ideas as of what you might need. Leave a comment telling me what you carry with you!

And as always
Emily x


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